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Terms of Service
The party, hereinafter referred to as CLIENT, hereby engages 518 Entertainment, referred to as HOST. It is understood that this contract is binding on both parties. It cannot be altered or changed unless agreed to in writing by 518 Entertainment.

1. A payment fee, listed above, and signed event agreement is required to secure services listed above. Contract price is guaranteed for 10 days after issue but does not guarantee an entertainer until accepted by 518 Entertainment and/or entertainer. All payments are used to secure specific entertainment for above client and are non-transferable, non-assignable nor refundable. Payments are subject to the policies and discretion of the individual performers contracted by 518 Entertainment. We will attempt to honor every request for specific DJ (s) but also reserves the right to assign a different DJ either in an emergency, unavailability or if we feel it is the best interest of providing the highest quality service and performance.

2. Balance is due 14 days prior to the event date. If the event is cancelled within 90 days prior to the event date, half of contract amount remains due. The total contract amount is due if the event is cancelled within 60 days of the event date. If the balance is not paid, the CLIENT is responsible for all court costs, attorney fees, and any other costs incurred collecting the amount owed. The event can and may end prematurely due to customer's request, if there are less than 10 guests remaining in the room of the performance at the end of the contracted hour, or other circumstances beyond 518 Entertainment’s control, full contract amount is still due. Checks returned with insufficient funds will be charged a $100 fee and if still NSF after a second attempt will be pursued to the highest extent of the law. 518 Entertainment is only liable for the actual value of the services provided by 518 Entertainment’s employees.

2A. If the client wishes to pay the deposit and/or the balance due with a credit card, they are subject to a 5% fee. This will be added to the balance due.

3. The HOST, CLIENT and the facility manager must unanimously approve extended performance time beyond the contracted hours. The CLIENT agrees to pay the HOST for each half hour of extra time, in cash only, and prior to the commencement of the extended performance time.

4. The CLIENT is responsible and liable for the results and costs of, any/all injury or damage by them, the CLIENTS guests and/or CLIENTS agents, to the HOSTS person, equipment, vehicles, and peripherals while setting up, during and leaving the event. If HOST deems the circumstances to present a threat or implied threat of harm to HOST or the property of the HOST, HOST may cease the performance. If CLIENT is able to resolve the threat within fifteen minutes to the HOSTS satisfaction HOST will resume the performance. The CLIENT will remain responsible for HOSTS compensation.

5. Live musicians/entertainers may not need a full hour of set-up and will arrive so as to be ready to start 15 minutes prior to contracted start time. Subcontractors either individual or companies, are liable for the actual performance and service they provide. 518 Entertainment is only liable for the cost associated with the booking and coordinating of the entertainment.

6. Musicians (Additional Fees): Rates apply to performance of the musician’s repertoire. Special requests may require additional fees for purchase, arrangements and rehearsal. Weddings which require vocalists require a paid half hour rehearsal, to be scheduled just prior to contracted performance.

7. Connection or use of client, guest, vendor, or facility provided internal, external input or output devices, or any guest (s), facility, and/or agent provide media or any kind, into or out of the HOSTS equipment is strictly prohibited. HOST must receive CLIENT requested, required, or their personally provided media no later than 45 days in advance of the event date.

8. 518 Entertainment agrees to refund any advances or deposits received in the event talent cancels the contract or cannot otherwise perform this agreement, and if 518 Entertainment cannot provide comparable talent that is acceptable to customer. 518 Entertainment is not liable for more than the contracted amount.

9. Should any provision (s) of this agreement be declared invalid or unenforceable by a court having competent jurisdiction, it is mutually agreed that this agreement shall endure except for the provision (s) or portion (s) declared invalid or unenforceable by order of said court.

10. The HOST agrees to keep the area under his direct control and supervision safe and will maintain a general liability policy that riders the facility as named co-insured.

11. A fuel surcharge of .50 cents per mile may be applied when the price of gasoline in New York exceeds $4.00 per gallon. The first 50 miles from our home base, in Rotterdam, NY, are exempt from the fuel surcharge. The mileage round trip total distance from HOSTS address to the facility address will be determined by GPS coordinates or a legitimate mapping service.

12. For all outdoor or tent events only: In addition to the aforementioned set up requirements, the CLIENT and /or their agents must provide the HOST a platform, stage, or riser, the minimum dimensions being 12 feet deep, 12 feet wide, and 4 or more inches tall, and complete protection from all weather related elements such as, but not limited to, wind, water, and sun, from overhead, underneath, on the dance floor and all sides.

13. The CLIENT and /or CLIENT'S agents are to ensure and to provide the HOST immediate, free, public, unencumbered, and non-hazardous access into, through, and out of the parking area, facility and work space. The HOST reserves all rights to delay or discontinue setup, and/or performance until all access or setup hazards, encumbrances, unforeseen union, drayage, and/or management fees or surcharges, weather related hazards, code violations, safety issues, and/or environmental conditions such are cleared, paid, removed, and /or resolved.

14. The CLIENT and/or CLIENT's agents agrees to provide or pay for all necessary authorizations, licenses, union labor fees, drayage, parking permits, or daily storage fees, and other fees or charges as may be required or mandated by the facility, union, local, state and/or federal regulations, codes, or laws as required to fulfill the terms of this contract.

15. Meals - While we appreciate that we partake in a meal (s) to our staff, please note the meal (s) should be served directly after the wedding party is served and what the wedding party is offered and served. Also please note the timing of when it's served, not at the "end" when everybody is finished. We must continue with the formalities after the bride and groom have completed their meal, thus we are served after the wedding party.

Price does not include gratuity. As with any service, tips are greatly appreciated and if given should reflect the quality of service provided by your DJ or Musicians.

Thank you for choosing 518 Entertainment!